The Givone family was born in wood in the distant 1858s in Piedmont and even today it transmits "the sense of wood" from generation to generation.

Currently, it produces and sell its products on three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Its current head office is inPrague and the production in Italy and Indonesia.

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After WWII, installed the second sawmill, we began to look for new sources of supply, in Africa and in the Far East. In 1978 the first wooden floor factory was built in Ivory Coast. In 1992 the Singapore office was opened to manage the Far East market and in 2007 a pre-finished floor production unit was set up in Indonesia.

ITALIAN GLAMOUR is the brand of TT. Project Srl

TT. Project Srl Torino - Office & Atelier
Via Pietro Palmieri, 54 – 10138, Torino, Italia
fulvia.givone@ttproject.it - valentina.vaglietti@ttproject.it
Mobile phone: +39 351 9629771 - Phone: +39 011 4473220
VAT: 12467330010

TT. Project s.r.o. Praha - Office
Dřevná 382/2, Nové Město 2 , 120 00 Praha 2 Czech Republic
+420 737 290070 - +420 734 837207
VAT: CZ04452305