The guarantee of reliability of our products is in the Certifications that accompany us.

Quality and reliability
The pre-finished multilayer TT Project floors fall in class E1 according to the norm n. EN ISO 12460-3: 2015, which guarantees low formaldehyde emission, as the adhesive that joins shavings or plywood sheets can free this substance even for long periods. Formaldehyde is a volatile molecule that can cause respiratory and eye irritation, especially in individuals with allergic or asthmatic diseases. In recent years, the attention on the harmful effects of this substance has increased, especially after the declaration of possible carcinogenic effects by the IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Italy, together with some European countries, has made the use of E1 panels mandatory for several years.

Marking CE
TAll our parquet floors are CE certified. The CE marking indicates that the product complies with the European provisions that provide different uses:
from design to construction, from distribution to the market to the laying of the product, up to disposal. The CE marking is the certificate that guarantees the quality and safety of TT Project products.

Reference certifications of TT Project products

– Products that can be supplied in Cfl-s1 fire reaction class (on request)

– Products made with material from forests and woods managed in an exemplary manner on the environmental, social and economic level

– Eco-friendly products suitable for use in bio-building

– Parquet also suitable for laying on heating and cooling floors

– Parquet suitable for floating installation.

ITALIAN GLAMOUR is the brand of TT. Project Srl

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